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Awarded by Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK

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Why Study Accounting and Finance at DIMENSIONS?

Gold Standard Service Provider Award in Accountancy

The much-coveted Gold Standard Service Provider Award in Accountancy, conferred to DIMENSIONS by JobsCentral Learning, Singapore, recognises our strong standing in the private education terrain and demonstrates our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality and industry-rich Accounting and Finance programmes as an anchor institution in Singapore.

With Singapore being ideally positioned as one of the world’s top financial centres, the demand for a bevy of highly skilled accounting and finance professionals will continue to surge over the coming decades. As such, DIMENSIONS has established quality partnerships with renowned universities and institutions to enable students to learn through an effective blend of practitioner-led sessions and case-study based pedagogy which helps them to obtain a thorough grounding in the advanced knowledge and practice of accounting and finance before stepping into the workforce.

Cardiff Metropolitan University

With a long heritage of more than 150 years and an international reputation for excellence in research and teaching, Cardiff Metropolitan University (CMU) has since been committed to delivering high-quality education to students hailing from over 140 countries worldwide. Student-centered and industry-focused, CMU seeks to inspire students to enhance their theoretical and practical skills and reach for the stars through a large selection of quality-assured academic programmes. The University is also a member of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), and the Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS).

Underpinned by its research-informed pedagogy and technology-enhanced learning, CMU has been a recipient of multiple distinguished awards over the years. Based on the International Student Barometer (ISB) Survey 2015, CMU was awarded the top University in the UK for overall international student support for six (6) times.

The University was then ranked the best university in Wales and 8th in the UK amongst 154 UK Universities for sustainability in the annual People and Planet University League – 2017. In 2018, 82.4% of the students at CMU also expressed satisfaction in the College's teachings – The Guardian News. And according to the 2019 League Table Ranking by The Complete University Guide, CMU is one of the top 80 universities in the UK. The University has also been ranked as the best university in the UK for sustainability in People and Planet’s Green League 2022/23.

For updated and accurate information of Cardiff Metropolitan University, please visit their website at

Programme Introduction

Be it having a knack for numbers and figures or having an interest in a career in accounting and finance, the Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Accounting and Finance offered by Cardiff Metropolitan University is a well-designed programme which aims to develop the learners’ understanding and skills in financial and management accounting.

Through studying a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Accounting and Finance programme, learners will be able to demonstrate, apply and explain basic accounting methods, accounting conventions and concepts as well as prepare product and job costs using absorption and process costing techniques.

Upon successful completion of the programme, qualified students will be awarded the Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Accounting and Finance by Cardiff Metropolitan University. Graduates can choose to pursue a career as a chartered accountant, chartered certified accountant, chartered management accountant, finance manager, forensic accountant, or payroll officer – the list goes on!

DIMENSIONS International College is an approved academic partner of Cardiff Metropolitan University for the above programme.This programme is fully accredited by the main UK accounting bodies and you will be able to obtain up to 9 exemptions from the ACCA.


  • To enable learners to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the different types of risks and causes of risk management within organisation, including net present value, EOQ and efficient markets
  • To equip learners with the well-rounded knowledge and skills to explain the uses of key accounting systems and the recording of accounting events

Designed for

  • Learners who wish to lay a strong foundation in accounting and finance for future and professional development and/or postgraduate study.
  • Existing accounts assistants, bank assistant, finance officer, finance executive or other accounting- and financial-related personnel who desire to hone their skills and deepen their expertise.
Course Structure

Course Structure

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Accounting and Finance consists of 21 modules.

Course Outline

Year 1

  • Outline for Financial Accounting
  • Outline for Management Accounting
  • Outline for Business in a Global Context
  • Outline for Personal Development Planning
  • Outline for Digital Accounting
  • Outline for Quantitative Methods
  • Outline for Financial Services: Regulation and Ethics
  • Outline for Business Applications

Year 2

  • Outline for Performance Management
  • Outline for Money, Banking and Risk
  • Outline for Financial Management
  • Outline for Investment Markets and Principles
  • Outline for Research Skills
  • Outline for Employability Skills Business Project with Personal Development Planning
  • Outline for Taxation

Year 3

  • Outline for Advanced Performance Management
  • Outline for Advanced Financial Management
  • Outline for Investment Management
  • Outline for Strategic Management
  • Outline for Advanced Taxation
  • Outline for Contemporary Finance

Scope of Study

Theories, case analysis and practices in the areas of accounting and finance

Delivery Mode

Lectures, tutorials, discussions and researches

Commencement Date/Intakes

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DIMENSIONS reserves the right to change the intakes at any time without prior notice.

Course Fees

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Full-time (Course Fee per year)

1. #Application Fee (Non-refundable and non-transferable) S$


2. Tuition Fee S$


3. Registration Fee For Overseas University S$


4. Administrative Fee S$


5. Examination Fee S$


6. Course Material S$


7. #Medical Check-Up Fee S$


8. International Student Management Fee S$


9. #ICA Processing and Student’s Pass Fee S$


9% GST






Part-time (Course Fee per year)

1. #Application Fee (Non-refundable and non-transferable) S$


2. Tuition Fee S$


3. Registration Fee For Overseas University S$


4. Administrative Fee S$


5. Examination Fee S$


6. Course Material S$


9% GST






# One-time Fee

Please click here for more information on the fees which are likely to be incurred during the students’ course of study. Students are expected to pay for the stipulated fee(s) incurred, if necessary.

Note 1: All miscellaneous fees are inclusive of 9% GST.
Note 2: Total course fees paid (except application fee and GST) by students are protected under the Fee Protection Scheme (FPS).
Note 3: All students must sign the Advisory Note to Student before signing the Standard PEI-Student Contract.
Note 4: The Standard PEI-Student Contract must be signed by the student prior to making course fees payments to DIMENSIONS.
Note 5: Course materials include, but are not limited to lecture notes, e-books, online resources (including the Turnitin system and portals) and any other materials used for instruction in a course.
Note 6: The course fees shown above are effective from 1st April 2024. DIMENSIONS reserves the right to make necessary amendments to the course fees without prior notice.

Payment Mode

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For more information on Fee Protection Scheme (FPS), please click here.
For further details, please contact your Admissions Officer at 6334 0600.


  • 36 months Institutional Training
  • Maximum allowed period for a student to complete the course is 72 months of Institutional Training, subject to the approval from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK

Maximum Candidature Period

Student is not allowed to retake the course and/or request for a refund in the event if he/she fails to complete the programme within the maximum candidature period.

Opportunities for Further Education/Career Pathway

Students may consider progressing to a Master’s Degree of relevant discipline in any Universities subject to their acceptance.


  • Graduates progression pathway is subject to the respective Institutions’/Universities’ entry requirements at the point of application.
  • Foreigner’s application for jobs in Singapore is subject to the approval from the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore (MOM). DIMENSIONS DOES NOT GUARANTEE any success rate of approval.
Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

Academic Level:
Completed GCE A-Level with passes in at least three subjects at D Grade and above (including Mathematics and Science) or DIMENSIONS’ Foundation Diploma in Business or a 3-Year Senior High School Diploma or an equivalent Diploma in related disciplines

English Proficiency: An IELTS score of at least 6.0 or DIMENSIONS’ Certificate in Academic English (CAE) Level 5 or passed DIMENSIONS’ English Proficiency Test at an equivalent level or its equivalent. English proficiency may be considered to have been met and an IELTS score may not be required if applicant possesses a highest qualification where English was the sole medium of instruction.

Assessment & Awards

Class Periods


Monday to Friday: 8.30am - 11.30am and/or 12.15pm - 3.15pm and/or 3.30pm - 6.30pm

3 hours per session. All specific programme schedules will be reflected in the timetable.


Weekday (Monday to Friday)
Sessions will be conducted from 7.00pm to 10.00pm


Weekend (Saturday and/or Sunday)
Sessions will be conducted within 9.00am to 6.00pm

3 hours per session. All specific programme schedules will be reflected in the timetable.

Examination Period

Assessments in course and / or at the end of semester

Assessment Methods

Module Name Assessment Methods (Weighting)
Financial Accounting Coursework (30%), Examination (70%)
Management Accounting Coursework (30%), Examination (70%)
Business in a Global Context Portfolio (100%)
Personal Development Planning Assignment (30%), Reflective Summary (70%)
Digital Accounting Examination (100%)
Quantitative Methods Class Test (25%), Class Test (25%), Examination (50%)
Financial Services: Regulation and Ethics Assessment (50%), Examination (50%)
Business Applications Class Test (100%)
Performance Management Written Assignment (25%), In-Class Test (25%), Examination (50%)
Money, Banking and Risk Coursework (50%), Examination (50%)
Financial Management Coursework (50%), Examination (50%)
Investment Markets and Principles Coursework (50%), Examination (50%)
Research Skills Coursework (100%)
Employability Skills Business Project with Personal Development Planning Individual Business Project Report (70%), Application (20%), CV (10%)
Taxation Coursework (50%), Examination (50%)
Advanced Performance Management Coursework (50%), Examination (50%)
Advanced Financial Management Examination (100%)
Investment Management Essay (100%)
Strategic Management Coursework (50%), Presentation (50%)
Advanced Taxation Coursework (50%), Examination (50%)
Contemporary Finance Coursework (50%), Examination (50%)

Assessment Grading Criteria

Following the University’s Generic Marking Criteria in 10 classifications evaluating a student’s Knowledge and Understanding, Intellectual / Cognitive Skills, Practical Skills and Transferable / Key Skills in term of percentage

Expected Examination Results Release Date

Within 1 month from the Awarding Body’s Exam Board date.

Note: All assessed marks shall be deemed provisional until such time they have been confirmed by an Awards Assessment Board of the Awarding Body.

Qualification Award

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Accounting and Finance, awarded by Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK

Graduation Requirements

A “Pass” in all modules

Teacher – Student Ratio

Average teacher-student ratio is 1:35
Note: The number of students in the classroom is subject to the maximum seating capacity.

Note 1: International Student must achieve at least 90% attendance rate (ICA Requirement).
Note 2: International Student must not be absent for more than 7 consecutive days without valid reason (ICA Requirement).
Note 3: Students who do not require ICA’s student’s pass must achieve at least 80% attendance rate.Our College only accept medical certificates as proof for absenteeism. Any other documents should only be accepted on a case-by-case basis with full justification and be acceptable by ICA.
Note 4: In the first week of studies, an induction session will be conducted. The students will be briefed by the Academic Staff on full details of the course including scheme of work, timetable, assessments and grading, assessment and exam dates and venue and many other academic matters.
Note 5: DIMENSIONS has the right to cancel a class/an intake if the minimum number of students enrolled is less than 10 for any programme per class. Students may enroll into a later intake, if any, or withdraw from course. (For refund, please refer to our Refund Policy).
Note 6: Students (both international and local) must achieve an attendance rate of 80% and above in order to qualify for examinations.