Organisation Structure

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Names and Positions

Mr Vincent Tan Peng Choong

  • Chairman & CEO
  • Director of Marketing and Career / Internship Services
  • Director of Finance / Human Resources
Mr Teo Chong Tee (JP, BBM)

  • Honorary Group Chairman
  • Chairman of Advisory Committee
  • Former Parliamentary Secretary (1981-1986)
  • Former Member of Parliament (1976-1996)
Mr Henry Chan Kwee Sheng

  • Managing Director
  • Principal (School of Higher Education/Hospitality/Languages)
  • Member of Academic Board
  • Director of Course Design & Development
Dr Ler Boon Chong

Ms Trissha Tan

  • Director of Quality Management (Academic)
Ms Carey Tai

  • Director of Admin and Operations
  • EduTrust Secretariat
Mr Kelvin Lin

Heads of Departments & Heads of Sections

Departments Sections Heads of Departments & Heads of Sections
Marketing Marketing
  • Ms Zhao HuiRong (GM)
  • Mr Jason Tan (GM)
Customer Support Services
  • Ms Zhao HuiRong (GM)
  • Ms Qiao Yan Xia (HOS)
Academic School of Higher Education
  • Mr Augustine Png (Senior Lecturer)
  • Ms Eizen Chee (Senior Lecturer)
School of Hospitality
  • Dr Mothiravally Vinayaraj (Principal Lecturer)
  • Mr Albert Pang (HOS)
  • Mr Joseph Chan (Senior Lecturer)
School of Languages
  • Mr Szarama Grzegorz (Senior Lecturer)
  • Mr Damien (HOS)
  • Mr Mohamed Yusoff Bin Ismail (Mentor Lecturer)
  • Ms Rekha Mohanlal Daswani (Mentor Lecturer)
  • Mr Goh Tong Yeow (Senior Lecturer)
  • Mr Yap Choon Han (Senior Lecturer)
  • Ms Teo Lin Lin (Senior Lecturer)
  • Mr Chin Chee Jien (Senior Lecturer)
Customer Support Services
  • Mr Woo Kin (AGM)
Finance AP/AR & Accounting
  • Ms Roxane Lee (Accountant)
Admin and Operations Admin
  • Ms Yeoh Hoi Leng (Assistant HOS)
  • Ms Sylvie Tiew (Assistant HOD)
  • Ms Evelyn Ng (Assistant HOS)