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Q: What is Committee for Private Education (SSG/CPE) / EduTrust Certification Scheme?
A: Please click here for information on SSG/CPE and the EduTrust Scheme.
Q: What is Fee Protection Scheme (FPS)?
FPS is explained here.
Q: What is Medical Insurance Coverage?
Please refer to the link here for details.
Q: What fees do I need to pay and how do I make the payments?
For the types of fee and payment modes available, please click here.
Q: How do I apply to study in DIMENSIONS International College?
To learn how to apply, please click here.
Q: Do I need to apply for a student’s pass? If so, how do I apply for one?
If you are an international student looking to study a full-time course with us and the duration of it is more than 30 days or more than 50 hours, you will need to apply for a student’s pass.DIMENSIONS provides a one-stop service to would-be students where we assist in processing applications for a student’s pass in Singapore. We will then advise you accordingly when the pass is approved. For more details, click here. The approval of your student’s pass application is dependent on ICA Singapore. DIMENSIONS DOES NOT GUARANTEE any success rate of approval.
Q: Can a student holding Student’s Pass work as well?
A: DIMENSIONS will assist the international student to apply for the student’s pass at the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA). With the student’s pass, the student is only allowed to study at DIMENSIONS International College.The student is not allowed to work whilst holding the student’s pass as one of the ICA conditions for holding the student’s pass is “All student’s pass holder shall not engage in any form of employment, or in any business, profession or occupation, whether paid or unpaid, without a valid work pass issued under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act”.
Q: Do I have the option to transfer to other courses within the College after enrolment?
A: Yes. Please click here for details
Q: If the course has option for Industry attachment (IA), how could I ensure that I have the chance to go for the IA posting?
Industrial Attachment (IA) is for students to put into practice the knowledge and skill acquired from their course, into real-life working environment.*Students must attain an attendance rate at least 90% to qualify for an IA posting. IA posting is not guaranteed and will be subject to approval of relevant passes by Ministry of Manpower (MOM). No further IA posting will be arranged if a student withdraws or is terminated from the IA centre.Courses with industrial attachment will be subjected to the new approval criteria listed in SSG/CPE’s website.
Q: How can I get Singapore Permanent Residency (PR)/Singapore Citizenship (SC) after completion of course?
A: DIMENSIONS does not have the authority on the immigration issues as it is governed by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA).You may submit your PR/SC application to ICA for their consideration. The approval of your application is dependent on ICA Singapore. DIMENSIONS DOES NOT GUARANTEE any success rate of approval.
Q: How can I get a job after completion of course?
DIMENSIONS does not provide job employment for students after completion of the course.International students may wish to apply for jobs in Singapore, subject to the approval from the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore (MOM). The approval for your application is dependent on MOM Singapore. DIMENSIONS DOES NOT GUARANTEE any success rate of approval.