Academic Board

The Academic Board of DIMENSIONS International College was established in 22nd May 2009 and is responsible for the review of DIMENSIONS’ policies and procedures on academic quality, including the development of standards and approval of teachers. The Academic Board comprises the Chairman, A/Prof Seow Hong Pheow and other academicians.


1) To develop and review the policies and procedures on all academic matters of the college, including but not limited to academic quality assurance measures;

2) To facilitate the implementation of and compliance with such policies and procedures

3) To develop a set of standards to ensure academic quality of every course to be offered or provided by the college, including but not limited to:

  • the content of the modules or subjects of the course
  • the duration of the course and
  • the appropriate entry and graduation requirements

4) To approve each person to be deployed to teach any course offered or provided by the college or any module or subject thereof, after determining that the person possesses the minimum qualifications and experience and other criteria prescribed in Regulation 26 (Private Education Regulation 2009) and

5) To review the above items 1 & 2 at least once a year.

Academic Board Composition:

Name, Appointment and Qualifications


A/Prof Seow Hong Pheow

  • B Eng (Hons), M Eng Sc, C Eng, MIMMM
  • Consultant and Former Assoc Professor, School of Material Science & Engineering, NTU

Chairman & Member

Dr. Danny Lam Kwong-Foo

  • Former Divisional Director, SPRING
  • Management Consultant


Mr Antony William Lawrence Davies

  • MA(Edn), BA, BSc, BEd, AAT

Member (External Academic Reviewer)

Mr Henry Chan Kwee Sheng

  • BE (Mech), NUS
  • Principal / Managing Director, DIMENSIONS

Secretary & Member