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Our Commitment to Quality

DIMENSIONS International College (DIMENSIONS) stands out as an up-and-coming education institute with a long-term view of providing quality education to international students in Singapore. We believe in the virtues of discovery through learning and are confident that if you take this journey with us, you will find your inspiration in learning here and experience an enriching, satisfying and most of all, a holistic learning journey.

DIMENSIONS is a private education institute (founded in 1980) in Singapore with links to universities and their school of business from UK. We are currently located at five campuses. Our comprehensive facilities will ensure an enriching teaching and learning environment.

We have a large faculty of full-time and part-time lecturers who deliver lessons according to plans to more than 3,000 enrolled students annually. With an international mix of students, you will experience a diverse cultural mix and get to share their different studying methods to give a multi-approach to learning.

Our pool of lecturers are always conscious of making an effort to grow a culture for a healthy exchange of teaching ideologies to enhance the learning experience of our students. We maintain an average teacher-student ratio up to 1:40, and we are confident in providing a conducive learning environment for our students.

Our school alumni continue to keep in touch with our graduates who have entered the workforce or a tertiary institution. The graduates return to DIMENSIONS to attend a myriad of programmes to stay connected – in the spirit of discovering learning.

We will continue to provide education pathways that will allow our students to advance their education to degree, post graduate and MBA levels right here with us.