Transfer, Withdrawal and Course Deferment Policy

Course Transfer Policy

  • Course Transfer refers to a student request for a transfer to another course within DIMENSIONS. Course offered in collaboration with partner institution will be governed separately by different institution’s regulations which are beyond the purview of DIMENSIONS.
  • DIMENSIONS will provide pre-course counselling for the intended course.
  • Student’s request for transfer can only be processed upon if the student meets the entry requirements of the new course and student has completed the installment obligations (payments) for all overdue fees of the existing course (if any).
  • DIMENSIONSrefund policy shall apply for all qualified refunds.
  • Student requesting for course transfer within DIMENSIONS must withdraw from the existing course by cancelling the existing Standard PEI-Student contract, before signing a new Standard PEI-Student Contract for the new course.
  • Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) for existing course fees paid will be cancelled. A new FPS will be purchased for the intended course fees paid after contract signed.
  • Consent from parent/guardian is needed if student is below the age of 18.
  • DIMENSIONS will take a maximum of 4 weeks to effect the course transfer.

For STP Holder

  • For Student’s Pass holder, course transfer is subject to ICA’s approval of the new Student’s Pass.
  • In the event that an application pertaining to transfer is rejected by ICA, the student is required to cancel his current Student’s Pass within 7 days.

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Course Withdrawal Policy

  • Course Withdrawal refers to a student’s request for withdrawal from a course that he/she has been enrolled in or currently studying.
  • Despite the students having signed the Standard PEI-Student Contract, the Management is prepared to listen and give consideration to genuine cases of withdrawal requested by students.
  • Consent from parent/guardian is needed if student is below the age of 18.
  • Students are liable for overdue fees (if any).
  • DIMENSIONS’ refund policy shall apply for all qualified refunds.
  • Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) for the course fee paid will be cancelled.
  • DIMENSIONS will take a maximum of 4 weeks to complete the course withdrawal process.

For STP Holder

  • Student’s Pass holder is required to submit his/her passport and Student’s Pass to DIMENSIONS for cancelation of Student’s Pass with ICA.
  • Student’s Pass holder who withdraws from DIMENSIONS’ course to transfer to other PEI, upon receipt of request on SOLAR+ system within 7 days, DIMENSIONS will submit past attendance record to ICA.

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Course Deferment Policy

  • All requests for course deferment can be made by filling up the Application for Course Deferment form, and attaching supporting documents. Application and supporting documents must be submitted to DIMENSIONS at least 2 weeks before the commencement date of course/semester.
  • Students are only allowed to defer once, up to a maximum of one (1) year, failing which he or she will be deemed to have withdrawn from the course and would have to re-apply if he or she wishes to register on the course again.
  • Approval for course deferment is at the sole discretion of DIMENSIONS International College. For programme awarded by external partner, final approval has to be sought from the external partner.
  • Upon approval, the student is required to sign a new Standard PEI-Student Contract or undertaking to extend the period of study.
  • The request for course deferment is not granted automatically and DIMENSIONS does not guarantee the relevant course to be conducted upon the students’ return.
  • Company-sponsored students must attach written approval from their company.
  • Approved application for deferment does not automatically warrant recipients of study/tuition grant with extension of grant duration by the respective grant body. In cases whereby the grant body disallows deferment of modules or extension of course duration, students have to make the decision to continue the course without deferment and continue to enjoy the funding or to continue the course with deferment and take the consequences to pay up the supported amount of course fee as funding may be withdrawn.

For STP Holder

  • International Students will be required to cancel their Student’s Pass as required by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) if their course deferment request is approved. Student’s Pass is subject to ICA’s approval.

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