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Examination Board

The Examination Board was established in 22nd May 2009. The primary objective of the Examination Board is to develop examination and assessment procedures, including conduct of examinations, security of examination papers, duties of invigilators and markers, moderation of marks and handling of student appeals. The Examination Board comprises of the Chairman, Mr Seah Kim Swee and other academicians.


1) The Examination Board has the responsibility to develop examination and assessment procedures for the college, including but not limited to:

a) the security of examination scripts and answer scripts

b) the conduct of examinations and assessments

c) the duties and responsibilities of invigilators and markers

d) the moderation of examination and assessment marks and

e) the handling of appeals from students with regard to examination or assessment matters.

2) To review the examination related policies and procedures at least once every 2 years.

Examinations Board Composition:


Name, Appointment and Qualifications


Mr. Seah Kim Swee (BBM)

  • MBus. (Accounting) FCG. CPA (Aust)
  • Fellow of Chartered Secretaries Institute of Singapore (FCS)
  • Legend, Victoria University, Melbourne
  • Company Director

Chairman & Member

Mr Gary Lee Yum Fun

  • MSc (Engineering Production & Management)
  • Former Principal Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic


Dr Ler Boon Chong

  • PhD. MSc. BSc.
  • Director of Quality Management (DIMENSIONS)

Secretary & Member

Dr. Danny Lam Kwong-Foo

  • Former Divisional Director, SPRING
  • Management Consultant


Mr Henry Chan Kwee Sheng

  • BE (Mech), NUS
  • Principal / Managing Director, DIMENSIONS