Management of External Partnership Policy - Singapore’s College & Business School | DIMENSIONS

Management of External Partnership Policy

A Strategic Partnership should enhance the overall reputation of DIMENSIONS, and provide competitive benefits outside the partnership / alliance by contributing to the college’s strategic objectives.

DIMENSIONS’ management is committed to screen through all the potential partners that are legally established & recognized by their home country authority as well as to ensure that these partners are meeting the selection criteria and in line with DIMENSIONS’ business direction before any legal contract is signed. Performance of external partners are reviewed and evaluated by DIMENSIONS’ management.

Our External partners include:

  • Universities and/or other educational institutions;
  • Course developers

The purpose of a contractual relationship with external partner is to ensure that the partner value-adds to the holistic experience of the students and at the same time supports the vision and mission of DIMENSIONS. To protect the interest and reputation of DIMENSIONS, the partner’s contract will only be renewed if the partner does not engage in any false, misleading and deceptive conduct or contravene any expectation in the contract.

The partnership must not infringe any national interest, and violate any laws and regulations of relevant government agency.

Transition Plan

Should any unfortunate circumstances happen for whatsoever reason(s), DIMENSIONS needs to cease the course(s) collaborated with any external Institute, DIMENSIONS would adopt the following plans:

  • To teach out the existing classes until the course is completed. The agreement with external Institute should include this clause in the Agreement;
  • In the event that the teach out is not possible, DIMENSIONS would match the module syllabus and credit level with other courses of similar level, and seek for the transfer of the credit of modules completed by affected students, and transfer the affected students to the other courses.