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Student Welfare

The challenge of any educational institution is to provide an environment that is conducive for learning. Students are better poised for learning when they are healthy of mind and body, when they know that their care is ensured and are happy where they are because of the support at hand.

Many of our students have moved from other countries and we have seen the need to create our own unique culture within the College through a developmental process that integrates our established core values of dedication, accountability, reliability and enterprise into the daily fabric of our school.

How do we get students to learn effectively and at the same time inculcate in them positive attitudes and behaviours? These are goals that have long been shared by teachers, student support service staff and parents. Providing them a favourable environment that allows them to learn and grow into educated, cultured, well-rounded persons with an inquiring mind will be our challenge for all students at DIMENSIONS.

Our Student Service team was set up to create a positive learning and living environment and instil values, build a harmonious and co-operative student community. Students will be given as much guidance as possible in the areas of academic and learning pursuits. Student Service executives are also equipped to respond to local healthcare issues and handle other such services as needed.

Student welfare is therefore, part of our service mission to our students.