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Counseling Services

DIMENSIONS’ support staff, recruitment agents and overseas officers have been tasked with providing consistent and leading industry best practices at all levels of education support to all students.

Pre-course Counselling

At the pre-course counselling session, prospective student’s needs and capabilities are individually assessed by our Customer Service Executives and/or recruitment agent to determine the suitability of course. Tailored solutions are then proposed to ensure effective and fruitful learning outcomes for the student. All staff providing such services have been trained and are aware of the significance of their recommendations in relation to the ambitions of prospective students.

Orientation Programme

To help our incipient students adjust to campus life and what it is like to live in Singapore, we hold an orientation programme for every new cohort of students. In the programme, we highlight the non-academic aspects of their student stay as a DIMENSIONS student and the DOs and DON’Ts of living in Singapore. We encourage students to mix and socialize with other students from different countries to learn from each other their cultures and practices of their homeland, to make this a holistic educational experience for all.

Induction Programme

Heads of Department will use the occasion to brief new students by providing a perspective of the course they have signed up for, what is expected of them and what they in turn can expect of the faculty and the college, what kind of programme contents will be covered in the course including syllabus details. Induction programmes are normally conducted in the first week of course commencement.

 Pastoral Counselling

Besides looking after the educational needs of students, DIMENSIONS also provide pastoral counselling for students. This is held twice a week for those seek support in handling the stress of studying, socializing and living in a foreign land away from their family.  Other pastoral counselling services which we provide include:

  • Providing emotional support for students to help them cope with mental stress relating to a new environment or course demands.
  •  Implementing programmes to create a culture and climate of care, trust and friendliness that to encourage good student attendance and involvement.
  • Providing academic or study counselling for students in the pre and post exam period to reassure students to give of their best, and that they have what it takes to make the grades.