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Orchard Campus

Orchard Campus

The Orchard Campus will be operational from January 2023, covering an area of 32,000 square feet and conveniently situated near Somerset MRT Station. The campus boasts a modern layout and design, emphasizing functionality and comfort. Intelligent upgrades to hardware facilities will be implemented, breaking away from traditional campus and classroom layouts. Students will experience diverse spatial styles and rich spatial experiences.

Among the hardware facilities, we would like to introduce the physics and chemistry laboratories, a feature not commonly found in many private schools in Singapore. The establishment of these laboratories, especially the chemistry laboratory, is subject to strict approval from relevant government departments. In addition, the main campus has physics/chemistry/biology laboratories, and the city campus has a physics laboratory, allowing students to attend practical classes conveniently.

To promote students’ comprehensive development, we offers physical education classes, and students have a variety of CCA activities to choose from. Therefore, the Orchard Campus, like the other three campuses of the college, will provide extensive sports facilities. The integration of multimedia and high technology will make teaching content more interesting and diverse. The Orchard Campus will undoubtedly feature classrooms with a high-tech atmosphere. While maintaining the essence of traditional teaching methods, we will explore new approaches to provide students with a fresh environment for growth and perception.

Classrooms & Capacity

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