Awarded the SQC Star Certification for Outstanding Business Excellence

Singapore Quality Class (SQC) Star DIMENSIONS has been a recipient of the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) since 2004 as testimony of our outstanding business excellence framework and standards. This year, DIMENSIONS is pleased to announce that we have attained a new milestone in our business excellence and quality journey. We have been awarded the prestigious SQC STAR certification by SPRING Singapore. This quality assessment allows DIMENSIONS to benchmark our management systems and processes against local and international business excellence criteria, and we are proud to emerge as an organisation that has achieved superior performance in business excellence. DIMENSIONS will continue to strive for sustainable growth and continuous improvement in all aspects of business excellence.

Students are at the heart of everything we do at DIMENSIONS, and the SQC STAR award serves as a quality mark of recognition and assurance that value-adds to students’ educational experience. With effective management strategies and business processes in place, we will continue to pride ourselves as one of the leading institutions in the provision of quality education to all students at DIMENSIONS.

15 September 2016