Students are our #1 PRIORITY


What’s best for our students?
The welfare and well-being of our students are always among our priorities. To us, it is of paramount importance to forge strong connections with our well-valued students as there is certainly more to school than just a report card. Sure, it is fundamental to hone our students’ academic knowledge and skill-sets but it is also crucial to understand them on a deeper level. We firmly believe in building an amicable rapport with our students whilst creating a learning experience that can be both fun and enriching!

Keen to know the key qualities that make DIMENSIONS different? Well, read on!

Lending a Listening Ear
1. Lending a Listening Ear
Could I please speak to someone about my problems?
The significance of learning extends far beyond the academic settings. To connect with students on a personal level, DIMENSIONS provides support and attention to our students, assuring that every need is being addressed. We place great care in listening to our students and will continue doing so to ensure their issues are well taken care of. Thereafter, we try to make the best attempt to understand their situations and offer them constructive advices to overcome their problems and challenges. Oftentimes, providing an empathetic listening ear from our student support services are often all that is needed for students to cope with the onerous stumbling blocks or setbacks they are facing.
2. Making Learning Fun
Schooling can be just as exciting and fun.
DIMENSIONS has designed a distinguished and innovative curriculum to enrich and engage our students on a profound level. To make learning fun, we organise a plethora of hands-on, experiential and out-of-classroom learning experiences for students to enjoy beyond classroom hours.
Making Learning Fun
Going the Extra Mile
3. Going the Extra Mile with Our Dedicated Lecturers
I am afraid that the course materials are hard to grasp.
DIMENSIONS has a pool of committed lecturers who choose to dedicate extra time and effort to monitor students’ learning and improve their understanding by providing timely, relevant and informative feedback. Extra remedial lessons are also scheduled when student needs help. With free after class support assistance in place, it helps students develop a clearer comprehension of their academic subjects.
4. Financial assistance available
I wish to pursue further education but I am a little strapped for cash at the moment.
We notice that it is a common phenomenon for rising tuitions to take a toll on students’ monetary means. Regardless of their academic qualities or financial status, we try our best to offer the best student loans and/or financial aid options for students who are seeking financial support. Never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey!
Financial Aids Available
Landing a Fulfilling Career
5. Your Career-Oriented Platform
Will the college help me source for a job upon graduation?
Throughout our students’ sophomore and college years, help on resume building and cover letter writing techniques are available on request. In addition, students are thoroughly prepared to thrive in a globally competitive workforce as they are endowed with adept hands-on skills and abilities. Upon graduation DIMENSIONS would assist students to seek for job interview opportunities with prospective employers upon request.

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