The Ambitious High-Flier – Ivan Ong

ivan ong fung loong
Never stop investing in yourself because you are the best investment you will ever make.
In partnership with the University of Chester, the MBA programme is offered through DIMENSIONS International College to help realise the dreams of many budding entrepreneurs out there. Having completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, the aspiring doer – Ivan Ong decided to pursue the pinnacle of his educational success by continuing to undertake a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA).
Prior to his MBA pursuit, Ivan was previously working in a large multinational corporation which earned him copious years of work experiences. “Learning never stops, at least not for me,” the lifelong learner said. During his endeavour in the business sector, he understood the importance of advanced business skillsets and knowledge. He envisioned that the MBA programme would be an ideal pathway in order to take his ventures to greater heights.

That was when he found DIMENSIONS.

The MBA Pursuit

Setting the tone for a promising career begins with the right college. As a distinctive private education institution, DIMENSIONS International College delivers high-quality and professional education and services to its students.
Whilst Ivan was in consideration of pursuing the MBA Degree, the programme managers played a fundamental role in his decision-making process.
“The partnership with Chester sounded enticing and it prompted me to find out more. When I met Mr. Gan at the education fair, he briefed me through the MBA programme structure and overview. After his thorough explanation, it widened my perspectives with regards to the long-term benefits of this programme,” he said earnestly.
He added, “On top of that, I was intrigued by the innovative lesson plans carried out by the MBA lecturers. Not only are lessons taught in an intensive way, students will be equipped with critical thinking skills and problem-based learning strategies at the end of the day.”
Ivan further reckoned that the MBA programme would provide him with an academic strength in this fast-moving society. With the bar being pushed upwards, he saw the MBA programme as a necessity in this day and age.

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The Roots of Resilience

Stress never posed as a stumbling block for the far-sighted young man. “I view stress as a positive motivator,” he said assuredly. As a self-starter, Ivan enjoys picking up new concepts and applying his new-found knowledge in real-world contexts. With a keen eye for details, he continued, “At DIMENSIONS, I am trained to see the bigger picture through collaborative learning opportunities with my course mates.”

A Rewarding Experience

Moving forward, Ivan revealed some of his amazing classroom experiences.
“Before attending the classes, I didn’t foresee myself building such amicable rapports with my course mates. These priceless interactions and wondrous classroom atmosphere were beyond what I expected!” said the enthusiastic lad.
“Also, I can firmly attest that most of my course mates generally come from reputable organisations.” He recounted, “I have a course mate who is a diplomat and another course mate who is a sales manager at Mercedes-Benz. Why would successful individuals pursue an MBA degree if it does not prove to be beneficial in the long run?”
“Not to mention, they are very strong individuals,” he carried on.

Building a Promising Future

Graduating in 2017, the ambitious high-flier believes that the MBA programme will pan out to be yet another judicious investment. “Let’s go down to the core value of the MBA programme,” he said. “Higher education is the key to a better job and a better life.”
Globally recognised, the MBA degree adds merit to your existing profile and improves your career prospects.
“After completing an MBA programme, you will be richly rewarded and transformed.”

ivan ong fung loong