2010 GCE ‘O’ Level Students’ Sharing Seminar

The main hall at the Bukit Timah Campus was filled with nearly 300 students of the ‘O’ Level Preparatory Programme on Monday, 18th January, 2011. The students from the Main Campus were attending the GCE ‘O’ Level Experience Sharing Seminar to learn the secrets of academic success of their predecessors.

Chaired by Dr Ler Boon Chong, the seminar began at 4 p.m. with a short opening speech by CEO, Mr Vincent Tan.

All the exuberant student speakers openly shared their secrets to success, that is, nothing was accidental. Everything was executed through precise planning. Shan Fu Rui and her peers shared the importance of “slow and steady wins the race”. She advised her peers to read, write and speak English whenever possible as mastering the language is a long and continuous process.

Zhang Ding reminded students that it was absolutely necessary to have a proper record of new words. He had two such notebooks by the end of the year. He highlighted to the audience that it was not sufficient to just memorise these words but to form sentences with them. This routine empowered him to score B4 in the English language.

A brief but profitable question and answer session followed with much enthusiastic participation from students of the 2011 cohort. Existing ‘O’ Level students left the seminar with a better understanding on how to improve their stewardship of time as well as study techniques.