A breakthrough for DIMENSIONS ‘O’ Level Programme! (2011)

10th  January, 2011 marked an important day on the calendar for DIMENSIONS International College. It was the official release of the results of the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level results. By the end of the day, students who sat for the examinations in 2010 would know their academic standing in the international examinations – and have reached a major milestone in their young lives.

It turned out to be also a day worth celebrating, as the overall results of the College surpassed that of previous years. The top student, Shan Fu Rui, from Class 61, scored an impressive aggregate of 8 points and, with an A2 in English, is the first student from the DIMENSIONS ‘O’ level programme to score a distinction in the language!

From the morning, the College grounds became bustling Main Campus as students streamed in to their alma mater to collect their results. While their nervousness or excitement was not audibly verbalized, their anxiety was implicit as some students had difficulty smiling before the camera during the photo-taking session directly after registration.

By 2 p.m. students had packed the canteen, sitting according to their 2010 classes. The ‘O’ Level results were officially announced after CEO Mr Vincent Tan delivered the opening speech.

At the other side of the canteen were parents of students, also waiting with eager anticipation of news of the results. The Customer Service Consultants and course advisors were on hand to give students advice on filling in application forms for entry into the local polytechnics and guide students in deciding on to the choice of courses at tertiary level.

When interviewed, top student Shan Fu Rui attributed her outstanding academic achievement to her diligence and enthusiasm. It was a major accomplishment for the student from the People’s Republic of China as she had only learnt English seriously in less than 15 months. Fu Rui is grateful to all her teachers for their untiring guidance.