Record-Breaking Results For 2012 GCE O-Level Examinations

DIMENSIONS International College is proud to present its top student – Miss Tu Meng Yu who has managed to achieve a record-breaking results of A1 for all of the 6 subjects, including English during the 2012 GCE O-Level Examination. It is a feat proudly achieved that has surpassed all other excellent GCE O-Level results recorded in DIMENSIONS’ history. Besides that, students who have managed to achieve excellent results for the standard 5 subjects during the 2012 GCE O-Level Examination are Zhang Ke Qi, Hu Jia Wei, Miao Qing Qing and Wei Huan – each scoring an impressive 7 points. Other honorable mentions include Song Ying and Xu Ying who scored 9 points also for 5 subjects respectively. We extend our heartiest congratulations to these students and the rest who have achieved excellent results in the 2012 GCE O-Level Examination.


Abstract from Tu MengYu Testimonial January 2013
Graduated from Preparatory Course for Singapore-Cambridge
General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) Examinations