Awarded 4 Year EduTrust Certification by the Council for Private Education (CPE), Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore, 9TH February 2012 to 8th February 2016

The Council for Private Education of the Ministry of Education, Singapore has awarded DIMENSIONS International College a 4-year EduTrust Certification for the period 9th February 2012 to 8th February 2016.

The 4-Year EduTrust Certification award will enable the institution to scale greater heights in its continuous delivery of its quality educational services and practices in meeting the needs of both its local and international students and business partners alike.

The administrative and academic management of the institution’s operations will be further enhanced and fortified, improving on its standards that meet the stringent requirements of the Council for Private Education (CPE).  As this is indeed a heavy challenging task ahead, DIMENSIONS International College will live up to its credibility and reputation as one of the key private education institutions in Singapore, providing for its fellow students with a conducive studying environment, interactive, caring, helpful and friendly customer service executives, trained administrators, qualified local and foreign-trained lecturers as well as availing them with  the relevant indoor and outdoor services-cum-sporting facilities.

DIMENSIONS, in fact, continues to provide them with ample opportunities and an ambitious avenue  to enable them to excel and achieve their  academic results through  the institution’s “Vision” and Mission” and also fulfill their personal aspirations through their “Inspired Learning” for a bright future.

edutrust 2012