Historical Look at DIMENSIONS

OUR KEY MILESTONES (From year 1980 onward)

DIMENSIONS International College has grown from a small school to a college for both local and international students who wish to pursue an alternative pathway to achieve their education and/or career goals. The key milestones from year 1980 till now show that DIMENSIONS has grown from strength to strength in the provision of quality education to our students.


Year Key Milestones
  • Our programme, namely, Master of Science in Occupational Safety, Health and Wellbeing has been successfully accredited by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)
  • Registered as Cambridge Primary School
  • Inaugurated the Biomedical Science Advisory Board
  • Authorised IELTS Test Centre
  • Registered as a Cambridge International School (IGCSE, AS/A levels)
  • Inaugurated the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Advisory Board
  • Renewed the Premier College Status by ASIC
  • Achieved the Best PEI in Hospitality and Tourism by JobsCentral 2017; Gold Awards for Business Management and Culinary Arts
  • Awarded the Singapore 1000/SME 1000 ranked status by DP Information Network
  • Renewal of WSQ ATO by SkillsFuture Singapore (CIR Audit)
  • Awarded the SQC Star by SPRING
  • Renewed the SSC by SPRING
  • Awarded the 4-year EduTrust Certification (renewal) by CPE
  • 4 Intakes for BA(Hons) in Business Administration (top-up) by the University of Hertfordshire
  • Established as ACT Test Centre
  • Commenced partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University (CMU)
  • Awarded the Pearson Centre of Excellence
  • Launch of DIMENSIONS Residence, at Evans Road
  • Started the Pearson Edexcel Approved Centre for Pearson IGCSE (Year 1 – 4)
  • Changed the School of Preparatory Courses to DIMENSIONS High School
  • Awarded the S1000/SME1000 ranking, by DP Information
  • Renewal of 4-Year EduTrust Certification by CPE
  • Awarded the SLA Campus at Lowland Road for further 9 years
  • Set-up of the Hospitality Advisory Board, led by Mr Cheong Hai Poh
  • Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS) and Singapore Chefs Association (SCA) endorsed the Industrial Attachment (IA) component of hospitality courses
  • Awarded the S1000/SME1000 ranking by DP Information
  • Bukit Timah started housing the SCA and Hospitality Alliance Singapore (HAS) HQ offices
  • Partnership contract with Celebrity Chef Eric Teo
  • Started MBA (Project Management) with the University of Chester
  • CPE EduTrust Certification Interim Assessment in Jan 2014
  • Commissioned the Integrated School Management System (ISMS)
  • Renewed the SQC Award
  • Achieved the Singapore Service Class (SSC) Award
  • Started the MBA courses with the University of Chester
  • SQA Approved Centre by Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)
  • Started the bi-monthly newsletter – DIMENSIONS Insight
  • 4-year EduTrust Certification by CPE
  • Renewed the Premier College Status by ASIC, UK
  • Set-up of 4th Overseas Office in India
  • Set-up of Overseas Office in Batam, Indonesia
  • 1-Year registration with the Committee for Private Education (CPE)
  • Achieved six straight “A” grades for the External Verification by Edexcel 2010/2011 for our   BTEC Business & Hospitality courses
  • Awarded the S1000/SME1000 ranking, by DP Information
  • Awarded the fastest growing 50 companies, by DP Information
  • Awarded the fastest growing 10 internationalising companies, by DP Information
  • Selected as Growth Oriented Enterprise (GOE) by SPRING
  • 1-Year EduTrust Certification by CPE
  • Private Examination Centre for GCE O/A-Levels
  • Accreditation of 2x courses by Australian Academy of Hospitality Management, Australia
  • Start of City Campus at River Valley Road
  • 1-Year Registration with Committee for Private Education (CPE)
  • Private Examination Centre for GCE O-Level
  • Formation of FPS Processing, FPS QA, to ensure 100% compliance with FPS Insurance
  • Set-up of 2nd/3rd Overseas Office in India
  • Started the Orchard Branch, for higher education courses
  • 1-Year EduTrust Certification by CPE
  • Formed the permanent EduTrust Committee
  • Accreditation for five (5) DIMENSIONS courses by Pearson Edexcel, UK
  • Academic Advisory Committee converted to Academic Board and Examination Board, according to CPE/PE Act 2009 with 4 external members
  • Participation in Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) Focus Groups
  • Set-up of Overseas Office in Johore, Malaysia
  • Start of full hospitality school at Bukit Timah, with 6 practical training rooms
  • Partnership with International Bartenders Association
  • Set-up 4th Overseas Office in China
  • Awarded the Premier College status by ASIC, UK
  • Set-up of Overseas Office in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Launched the DIMENSIONS Student Alumni
  • External Verification by Edexcel for BTEC HND courses
  • Renewed the ISO 9001: 2000 Status
  • Started programmes with the University of Hertfordshire
  • Started the 1st Strategic Planning Workshop
  • Achieved the SQC-PEO Award by SPRING, with green lane benefits
  • Set-up of Overseas Office in Vietnam
  • Moved to present campus at Lowland Road, through the Direct-Allocation Scheme by EDB Singapore
  • Set-up of Overseas Office in Vietnam
  • Set-up of 3rd Overseas Office in China
  • Achieved the ISO 9001: 2000 Certification
  • Obtained the CaseTrust for Education Accreditation
  • Organised Tea Meetings with Students
  • Formed the QCC Teams
  • Formed the Academic Advisory Committee, led by Professor Seow Hong Pheow
  • Moved from Peninsula Plaza to 2×5-storey buildings at Carpenter Street
  • Achieved the SQC Award from SPRING
  • Formed the Advisory Committee, led by Mr Teo Chong Tee
  • Expansion within Peninsula Plaza, from 15 to 20 classrooms
  • Approved Centre for International Examinations for University of Cambridge
  • Formed the SARS Team
  • Set-up of 2nd Overseas Office in Beijing, China
  • Expansion within Peninsula Plaza, from 10 to 15 classrooms
  • Approved Training Centre for NITEC F&B programmes
  • Started aggressive recruitment of foreign students for GCE O-Level
  • Accreditation by China Embassy, Singapore
  • Expansion within Peninsula Plaza, from 5 classrooms to 10 classrooms
  • Set-up of 1st Overseas Office in China
  • DIMENSIONS was founded