Study Biomedical Science Offered by a Top Welsh University for Biosciences

accredited by the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) and Royal Society of Biology

Awarded by
Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK

Hands-on lab sessions | Partnered with A*STAR

Hands-on lab sessions at our prominent partner laboratory for Biomedical Sciences, A*STAR, and experience a full range of industrial lab facilities

Sharing sessions | Industrial Visits

Sharing sessions and industrial visits with industry experts and professional researchers

Graduate in 12 months

Graduate in 12 months with an Honours Degree

Complimentary tutorial

Complimentary tutorial for academic referencing

Learn More!

Complimentary tutorial sessions on academic referencing for Dissertation

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Pathways Available

Pathway from Diploma in Biomedical Science

Pathway from Polytechnic Diploma

*Subject to approval by the University

Student Testimonials

The biomedical field opens doors to an endless variety of meaningful careers and the MSc in Biomedical Science programme is certainly a worthwhile investment to pave the way for my future career success. I aspire to a leadership position attributed to this field after completing the programme.

Nieves Martin Sepulchre

My lecturers are a great source of inspiration for me. They have a knack for teaching which is crucial to the development of my expertise. Having gained penetrating insights into various types of biomedical science research, I have to say that this rigorous programme is worth every penny.

Khaing Cho Thet
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